Campaigns & Collaborations

AACUTE x ACID FLWRS Jewellery Collaboration

About The Collaboration

Like so many creative friendships, this collaboration was casually broached via an IG conversation, with both designers establishing a love of florals through their respective practices of jewellery wear and living floral art.

The result is three mismatched pairs of wearable art inspired from an 80’s colour swatch, paired alongside a corresponding single stem Acid Phalaenopsis in the same colourways, each one-off and with a unique finish. Enjoy your living art while they last while the jewels serve as a memento of this collaboration to wear on repeat.

The campaign images were produced through another collaboration of female creatives, shot by celebrated street style photographer Rachel Yabsley, The Fourth Creative, brought to life by stylist Chelsea Holm wearing the pieces with her signature vibrant layers.


AACUTE x Highlow Jewelry Pillars Candle

Aacute and Highlow Jewelry collaborate to create a homewares object
during the year that was 2020. 

About the Collaboration - Words by Highlow Jewelry

When Julie of Aacute approached me with the idea of designing a candle, I was so excited to work with her.  Knowing Julie’s curation for her shop, I knew this would be a fun project.  Our web-ship started years ago on Instagram when we were both making jewelry and bonded over our processes and materials.  Doing this project with Julie feels so serendipitous.  Although we’ve never met in person, it flowed so effortlessly.  


About the Design 

The idea for the shape and color of the candle was drawn from former Highlow jewelry collections.  They started with tiny clay sketches, then moved onto paper, cutting and making 3d models in my dining room that were to scale.  "Often my boyfriend, who I now work at home with everyday, would give me feedback and ideas.  I realized that this casual collaboration with my partner had given meaning to the design.  The shape of two paired pillars is reminiscent of two matched individuals, glowing and connected." - Sonya Gallardo


AACUTE x Tara Whalley NYFW

Aacute jewellery and Tara Whalley collaborate for SS 20-21

Ahead of NYFW, Tara Whalley and Julie Tran (Aacute) have joined together to create a spring inspired photoshoot showcasing their latest collections. Independently crafted, yet perfectly paired, their most recent pieces are a nod to their past journeys as designers while they celebrate moving confidently into the future. As open spaces start to fill with flowers, marking a change in the season and a near-end to Melbourne’s lockdown, both designers have embraced bold new shapes and vibrant colours. The time for joyful dressing is coming, and Tara Whalley and Aacute are offering the potential to stand out amongst a sea of loungewear.

Since meeting at The Big Design Market back in 2016, Tara says a ‘collaboration was just waiting to happen. It is such a celebration of our creative journeys so far and our optimistic and joyous expectation of the future. In a time of leisurewear collections, we have chosen to design for a future that we hope to see post-lockdown’.

Images by Dulce Amor, video media by Wolfenden Studio, Modelling by Ashlyn, Floral Styling by Tremella Botanicals, Hair and MUA by Phoenix Ly


AACUTE x Tremella Botanicals 

Aacute jewellery and Tremella Botanicals collaborate for SS 19-20

A photoshoot collaboration between Aacute jewellery and Tremella Botanicals for the Bloom Collection. Rebekah creates a dreamy peach and terracotta set from her beautiful home bursting with seasonal florals. Rebekah's styling features the Tremella Snow Fungis, a beautiful wild and edible mushroom and an interesting addition to the scene.

Images by Dulce Amor, video media by Lars Osland, Modelling by Freya, Hair and MUA by Phoenix Ly, Botanicals by Tremella Botanicals.