Lotus Du Japon - Tokyo Kodo Incense

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Lotus du Japon is a scent that soars sweetly above us; the deliberate inclusion of lotus blossom in this fragrant Japanese incense elicits the symbolism and power of the flower itself. 


  • Lotus is symbolic of prosperity and emotional clarity.

  • Lotus fragrance and sandalwood are masterfully blended.

  • Fill your space immediately with a luxurious and long lasting scent.

  • Soft pink colour, providing a satisfying visual experience.

  • Promotes feelings of calm, clarity and focus.

    Your Lotus du Japon incense will come to you in a bespoke metal tin and will contain fifty individual pieces.

    • Premium Japanese incense
    • Length: 70mm
    • Burn time: 15 minutes
    • Ingredients: sandalwood, lotus fragrance, fine natural wood powder
    • Made in Japan

    Lotus flowers bloom not in clear water, but in water that is murky, muddied and clouded.

    The lotus sends its roots reaching far into such depths, grounding itself firmly before rising to the surface and blooming. The scent of the lotus is one that is truly ethereal and unique

    Chikako, of TOKYO-KODO, is a third generation incense maker trained in French perfumery techniques. She has created this beautiful incense to communicate the sweetness but also the strength inherent in the lotus blossom. This incense will nurture and accompany you as you ground yourself firmly in your day, ready to open up, invite, embrace, and blossom.

    Lotus du Japon is the perfect scent to accompany:

    • The beginning of your day
    • Goal setting or planning
    • A scented stimulus during that afternoon slump!
    • Creative workshops
    • The welcoming of guests into your home

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