Occasion Drop - Stone Mosaic Mix


Occasion Drop - Stone Mosaic Mix

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Our classic geometrically shaped drop earrings are individually hand cut from polymer clay, and glazed with a protective layer. They are finished together by rose gold filled ear hooks, and shiny copper sphere beads by the base. 

Dimensions: 35mm x 50mm x 5mm, all products are handmade and will have slight variations.

Care instructions: Aacute jewellery should be handled with care. When storing, pieces should always be put back in the box after wear and while travelling (rather than thrown into a handbag without protective box). Jewellery should be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperature (over 35 degrees) to prolong the colour and durability of the pieces.
To restore extra shine on your jewellery, lightly buff the surface with a lint free jewellery cloth.

For more enquires about care or repair, please contact info@aacute.com.au

Images by Dulce Amor


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