AACUTE is a collective of thinkers and makers, all from different background, stemming from two Melbournian sisters, Julie and Kelly. We all share a singular human concept of design and beauty with sustainability in mind.

AACUTE was founded on various influences, one of which was Melbourne’s vibrant local community and the second was the indigenous tribal communities of East Asia, namely tribal feels, modern and dark urban fashions. Combining the two in conjunction with the fast paced, contemporary life of the City of Melbourne, we decided to MAKE STUFF.

We strive to create innovative and contemporary geometric jewellery as well as quality wood wick candles formed within customized apothecary jars.

Mass market does not inspire us. People in our community do. We understand that the AACUTE community appreciates a company backed by a story and a philosophy.

Quality over quantity.

In Australia, AACUTE painstakingly handcrafts jewellery forged from a myriad of ubiquitous, yet exceptional materials.

We cover a wide spectrum of new materials ranging from our signature cut polymer clay to reclaimed weathered leather to granular wood; all contributing to the vintage desire and appeal.

We, at AACUTE, are environmentally conscious and believe in sustainability without sacrificing our design aesthetic. The candles are created from hypoallergenic, clean-burning organic soy and selected wood wicks keeping both the environment, and above all our community, in mind.